Tuile Template, Badge, 4-3/4" Each. Overall Sheet 10.5" X 15.5"

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Invaluable tool for creating magnificent plated desserts Different "batter" mixtures can be used with the guides to create styles. For example: Tuile batter, cigarette batter, tulipe batter, meringues, hippenmasse, and ice cream cone mixtures, simply to name just a few Easy to use: Simply place Template on a Silpat (Item # Silpat 1 or two). Spread batter into the design cavities and scrape off excess batter LIFT OFF TEMPLATE and place Silpat w/batter styles on sheet pan Bake for approx. five mins Shape while bright Can be formed on bottles, cups, dowels, jars, etc. To decorate Tuiles, use decoratinos with a fine tip pastry bag prior to cooking For cut outs in your tuile designs: While tuile cookies are par baked (1/2 baked) remove from oven and make decorative cutout designs using a small cookie or a plain decorating tip FDA approved plastic

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